Laws of the Psychology - The Basic Law of the Psychology

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All appearances which we assign to the psychology follow from the there presented natural law - the Basic Law of the psychology.
Basically it follows from this Basic Law of the psychology that the environment effects the human being and the human being acts on the environment in a closed effect course (process) through his behaviour. According to the effects there are changes in the environment which in turn have an effect on man.

At the processing of the (current) event in the environment which has an effect on a man, different other sizes have influence, such as earlier events which led to experiences.

It is the purpose of such a complex processing to lead to a corresponding BEHAVIOR.

Under these processes are also processes which, till now, were not described and determined more exactly, but have reached an idea under the name repression.

Here now I will present a further law of the psychology that can be derived from the Basic Law of the psychology: The repression (suppression) law.
If one takes into account given features of the environment and features of a person experiencing the environment, then among other a contex comes out which (best?) can be described with the name repression law.

The description of the repression (suppression) law, you find later here in a following chapter described!

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