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You find the topics (LAWS OF THE NATURE discovered by Dietmar West, e.g.), except for The repression (suppression) law (mentioned in the head range) in my homepage  http://www.west-dietmar.de or http://www.psychologie-naturgesetze.info introduced and dealt with.

The there presented natural laws are not taught up to now yet at schooles and at higher teaching institutions (colleges, universities) !

If you acquire the one there (and here) offered, you can attain therefore an advantage  before all professors and scientists on the whole world in these fields of the natural science! 

I will present The repression (suppression) law in this home page in the chapter LAWS OF THE PSYCHOLOGY (E) (select to the left in the menu).

Opened: 01.09.2013 


  • At the moment I prepare the further contents for this chapter. In order to be able to inform you on the used level, I will need still a little time. Please still come around therefore on this side at a later visit. Many thanks for your interest!

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