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Dietmar West founded the modern psychology based on laws of nature. This also made psychology a natural science!

Dietmar West is the founder of the modern psychology, which is based on the natural laws description of the processes of life and of experience and behavior. He discovered several natural laws that determine life, experience and behavior.

Due to the laws of nature discovered by Dietmar West, the science of life, experience and behavior (psychology) is comparatively at least on the level of physics after the discoveries of Isaac Newton. 

You find the topics (LAWS OF THE NATURE discovered by Dietmar West, e.g.), except for The repression (suppression) law (mentioned in the head range) in my homepage  http://www.west-dietmar.de or http://www.psychologie-naturgesetze.info introduced and dealt with.

The there presented natural laws are not taught up to now yet at schooles and at higher teaching institutions (colleges, universities) !

If you acquire the one there (and here) offered, you can attain  therefore an advantage  before all professors and scientists on the whole world in these field of the sciences of nature (natural sciences)!

You find THE REPRESSION LAW (published here since 07 September 2020) in English in this homepage as a subchapter of the chapter LAWS OF THE PSYCHOLOGY (E) (select to the left in the menu).

You will also find the Foundation of NATURAL SCIENCE (published on April 12th, 2022 - to be selected in the menu on the left!).

In this context I show and describe, as the first person ever, what MATHEMATICS is and that it is a part of natural science.

Visit my homepage https://www.german-people-country.info  occasionally.

Offer to collaborate on further publications


For the purpose of further publication, I am looking for a publisher who will publish a non-fiction book with me on the NATURAL SCIENCE PSYCHOLOGY.

Through the natural laws of experience and behavior that I have discovered, some of which I have published on the homepages, but some of which I have not yet published, I can also give the guarantee here that it can be a work "like the world before has never seen".

f you are interested in working with me in this direction, please contact me without any obligation.

Dietmar West

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